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PRSA-NY Mentoring Program

PRSA-NY's Mentoring Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for young PR professionals to spend quality time with, and obtain priceless guidance from, some of the most respected leaders in our business today. Our Mentoring Program is managed by a committee under the direction of Mentoring Chairs, Michele Mendelson, Account Director, Group, KWT Global, and Cherry Dumaual, PR & Partnerships Director, The Monday Campaigns.

Mentees tell us they valued the individualized attention and objective counsel from industry leaders who have made public relations what it is today and are helping determine where it's headed tomorrow.  Mentors have shared how much they appreciate the opportunity to give back and help others.

The program's success depends entirely on the mentor/mentee relationship.  The mentor/mentee interaction begins with an initial face-to-face meeting that can take place over lunch, coffee or whatever works best for the pair. After the initial meeting a monthly call, email, Skype or in-person update takes place.  Together the mentor/mentee pair has full control of the experience.  Most mentors and mentees find the relationship mutually beneficial and continue the relationship.

PRSA- NY defines mentors as those with seven plus years of experience in the public relations and communications fields, whereas mentees are those with one to five years of experience.

Share your passion and dedication to the public relations field by volunteering to be a mentor to those enthusiastic, and “hungry to learn” new professionals.To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

Sign up for mentor who can help you succeed in your new career by sharing information, advice and recommendations only obtainable by experience. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

You must be a PRSA-NY member to participate in the Mentoring Program. Mentees and Mentors must register online with PRSA-NY and fill out mentee and mentor forms.

Click here to meet some of our Mentors.

MEET A MENTOR AND MENTEE TEAM - Ken Jacobs and Kate Forster 

"Changing careers is very challenging and I would not be as focused and strategic with my search without my mentor, Ken Jacobs. He has helped me develop professionally and truly identify my career goals. Thanks to him I now have sharp interviewing skills and have made many connections with industry pros. My favorite thing about Ken's style is that he not only advises me on what to do, but explains the logic behind it."  Kate Forster-Mentee

"Being a mentor for PRSA-NY’s Mentoring Group has been far more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.  Since I’m a long commute from New York, my current mentee and I decided that the best way to hold our sessions would be over Skype.  We find this to be a better communications tool, adding nuances and a level of personalization beyond what a phone call could provide.  As a result, we Skype-chat around once a month, and it adds a sense of continuity, momentum and progress to our interactions. (Though this level of participation certainly isn’t a requirement!  A get-to-know you lunch, followed by a few calls, if that’s what mentor and 'mentee' agree will work, is just fine.)

For me it’s no sacrifice, because I derive tremendous pleasure from working with my mentee. She is like a 'sponge,' extremely open to and appreciative of whatever guidance I can give her.  It’s a pleasure to see the progress she’s making.  Knowing I’m helping a highly talented, mid-level special events pro find a suitable position by more effective networking, by positioning herself well, and chatting with her about the search and interview process is indeed its own reward.  After all, the best way to 'get' is to 'give.'

The picture of us on the website is from when we finally did meet in person to have coffee, around a year after starting our work together.  It was great fun to finally do so, and I think the smiles on our faces say it all.

Being a mentor is my way of paying forward all the kindness and knowledge given to me over the years by many in the New York PR community.  I strongly encourage other PR professionals to do the same."
Ken Jacobs-Mentor

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