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Mentee Benefits
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Participation in the PRSA-NY Mentoring Program offers you a number of substantial benefits:

    • Get priceless career advice from men and women who are PR leaders, selected not only for their vast knowledge and years of experience, but because they have an impact on where our field is going.
    • Obtain truly objective counsel and input in all areas related to your PR career. Raise, in complete confidence, questions and concerns that you might not feel comfortable asking your supervisor or HR representative.
    • Get straightforward, constructive feedback from someone who has more than likely experienced your issue countless times before. And they'll share a priceless piece of information: How your boss most likely views your situation!
    • Learn how to acclimate to your new job faster.
    • Gain insights into the best ways to improve your skills and productivity.
    • Determine how to make more informed choices, for your clients and your agency, and your career.
    • Develop a better sense of how you want to steer your PR career.

    • And perhaps most important, ask questions, raise issues, and obtain advice about those areas that are most important to you!

We will make every effort to match your interests and background with an appropriate mentor.

To sign up for PRSA-NY's Mentoring Program and to take a step towards strengthening your PR career

You must be a PRSA-NY member to participate in the Mentoring Program. 

Mentees must register online with PRSA-NY.

Take a look below at the kinds of questions which you'll be able to ask your mentor.  Obtaining the answers to these questions-or any other career question you might have-- from the giants of the PR industry will be a substantial benefit to your PR career! 

What You Can Ask Your Mentor:

Following are questions that mentees may want to explore with their mentors.  Recommendations for additional questions that may be helpful for mentees should be directed to Michelle Mendelson and Cherry Dumaual, Co-Chairs of the Chapter's Mentoring Committee.

    • What is the most important piece of advice you have received from a mentor or that has stuck with you throughout your career?

    • What characteristics do you think are imperative for a young professional to possess that will allow him/her to quickly climb the ladder at his/her company or agency? 

    •  What changes in the public relations world do you foresee in the near future, and how can I prepare for them?

    • There's a saying that you always learn from your mistakes. Could you share the mistakes you've made in your career and what are the lessons you learned as a result?

    • What were the best three career decisions you've ever made? Knowing what you know now, what were some of the decisions you may have reevaluated?

    • What do you see as the other emerging topics for which PR pros should be prepared?

    • What kind of opportunities (e.g. organizations, events, educational programs) should I be looking into in order to get ahead in my career? What are the most important areas in which I can educate myself as I rise up the ladder?

    • How did you discover your strengths, and how did you modify your career to take advantage of this learning?

    • Do you have any "golden truths" that you follow for career management?

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