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Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)
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Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)

The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is a voluntary certification program for public relations professionals, administered by the Universal Accreditation Board. Preparing for the APR will elevate your capabilities as a PR practitioner, challenge you to think strategically, exercise sound judgment, and refine your approach in executing public relations programs. Having the APR designation shows that you are a seasoned professional with a high level of experience and competence and distinguishes you from others in the industry.

It requires dedication and commitment to take your craft to the next level. PR practitioners pursue accreditation for various reasons, including distinguishing themselves from their peers, sharpening their knowledge and skillset in public relations, and demonstrating commitment to the profession. Those eligible for the program must be members of UAB Participating Organizations, such as PRSA, who are involved in the professional practice of public relations, or teaching public relations courses in an accredited college or university. It is recommended that candidates have at least five years of experience and have earned either a bachelor's degree in communications or have equivalent work experience.


Why pursue the APR program?

  • APR designation proves your commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct in the public relations field
  • APR adds a level of credibility that distinguishes you from others in the industry and signifies longevity in the PR profession
  • Accreditation is a personal mark of achievement that will give you confidence in what you do, and open doors to career opportunities and advancement


Did you know?

  • Many companies are increasingly seeking PR practitioners with the APR designation
  • More than 40+ members in the NY Chapter are accredited. Join the growing number of individuals who are pursuing the APR program.
  • PRSA offers a Certificate in Principles of Public Relations program for students looking to gain an edge before graduation. Offered at select colleges and universities, the four-step Certificate program would give students an advantage as they apply for jobs in the field. For more information, please visit


Getting Started

The PRSA New York Chapter can help guide you through the APR process, offer training and support, and celebrate your accomplishments. Below are resources to help candidates prepare for and earn accreditation. You can also visit the APR website for additional information (


Resources for APR Study

APR Online Study Course:

 APR Study Guide:



Testimonials (include videos)

“I pursued the APR designation because I wanted to sharpen my skills as a PR practitioner and distinguish myself from my peers. The process of preparing for the APR has elevated my work, and I now bring more to the table. I recommend that everyone in the public relations field invest in themselves and pursue the APR because it’s worth it.”
Emily D. Schneider, APR



Irene Maslowski, APR, Fellow PRSA
New York PRSA Chapter


PRSA New York APR Committee Co-Chairs:

Emily D. Schneider, APR

Shawna Gallagher Vega, APR


For more information about the APR process, please contact:

Kathy Mulvihill
National PRSA Accreditation Manager
Phone: (212) 460-1436


Congratulations to the Newly Accredited Members in 2017

Jack Appleman, APR


PRSA New York Accredited Members
Rosemary Abendroth, APR
Jack Appleman, APR
Lynn Appelbaum, APR, Fellow PRSA
Gil Bashe, APR
Don Bates, APR, Fellow PRSA
Elizabeth Beck, APR
Barbara Burns, APR
Harold Burson, APR, Fellow PRSA
Louis Capozzi, APR, Fellow PRSA
Phillip Cogan, APR
Joseph Cohen, APR
Leslie Cohen, APR
Abby Dress, APR
Robert Flaherty, APR
Shawna Gallagher Vega, APR
Lea-Ann O'Hare Germinder, APR, Fellow PRSA
Stephanie Gouss, APR
Keith Green, APR
Patrick Hennessey, APR
Katherine Hutt, APR, Fellow PRSA
Laurent Lawrence, APR
Grace Leong, APR
Kenneth Makovsky, APR, Fellow PRSA
Irene Maslowski, APR, Fellow PRSA
Ashton Maxfield, APR
Jason McCartney, APR
Edward Menninger, APR, Fellow PRSA
Gail Moaney, APR
Matthew Nagel, APR
Teresa Nagel, APR
Mark Newman, APR
Anna O'Sullivan, APR
John Paluszek, APR, Fellow PRSA
Emily Schneider, APR
Allan Schoenberg, APR
Alexander Stanton, APR
Art Stevens, APR, Fellow PRSA
Joel Strasser , APR, Fellow PRSA
David Verbraska, APR
Quenta Vettel, APR
Michael Virgintino, APR
Anne Warner, APR, Fellow PRSA
Larry Weiner, APR, Fellow PRSA
Elinore White, APR
James Wyckoff, APR



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