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PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards: Meredith Lejeune
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10 communications industry award-winners shared tips and best practices on entering and winning.

The 2018 Big Apple Awards from PRSA-NY mean business. 10 communications industry award-winners shared tips and best practices on entering and winning. There’s lots new this year and you can learn more at Here we have Meredith Lejeune talk about her experiences with the PRSA and winning a 15 Under 35 award.


DOUG SIMON: Our next person Meredith Lejeune is a winner of the 15 under 35 competition as part of the Big Apple’s last year. She’s also the owner of Thought Bubble Communications and has really built a great business there. So Meredith thanks so much for joining us.

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: Thanks so much for having me.

DOUG SIMON: So you’re a winner of the 15 under 35. What has that meant for you as a business owner?

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: Wow. It’s just you know I’ve been in public relations for little over 12 years now and it seems like it’s just flown by. But to receive recognition and the 15 under 35 it’s just it’s very humbling as a PR professional and as a business owner. And it also gives me a little more credibility amongst potential prospective clients.

DOUG SIMON: Great. So what prompted you to enter that and become part of that whole process.

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: You know I think that as PR people we are so good at promoting other people that we just don’t promote ourselves. So I figured you know what I think I’ve been in this game long enough and I’ve done some really great work and have really great campaigns. I just wanted to put myself out there and see and it paid off.

DOUG SIMON: Great, any lessons for those that are considering entering based on what you’ve experienced and also maximizing the opportunity.

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: Sure. I think that it’s definitely something that you know if you are if you are in the age range you should definitely take advantage of. It’s a great opportunity. I’ve met some great people. So it has allowed me to network outside of my normal layout. Right.

DOUG SIMON: And that’s an interesting transition that just organizations like PRSA-New York are going through now so much of the networking is done through channels like LinkedIn it’s very effective. So has it been a benefit to you to find out other circles of networking being involved in PRSA-New York and getting that recognition?

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: Definitely. So I moved to New York in 2016 from Atlanta. I was coming here fresh and new. So it really gave me the opportunity to reach out to people who I otherwise wouldn’t have known and just kind of connect that way and just build a strong network of other PR people being fresh to the area.

DOUG SIMON: You know and just so people can get a feel for the talent that’s involved in the same organization as you represent. Tell us a little bit about your company. How long have you had your own company?

MEREDITH LEJEUNE: I’ve been the owner for the past five years – a little over five years now. I am a contractor and I do mostly multicultural communications looking to expand more into the health and wellness area as well. So I’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of great campaigns a lot of partnering with a lot of agencies touching brands like Coca-Cola and Toyota and working with the National Black MBA Association and doing a lot of touching campaigns that are community focused.

DOUG SIMON: That’s awesome and you know we really appreciate your involvement. We hope you’ll be part of the judges as a 15 under 35 winner. You know it’s open to you to participate as a judge so that’s a great opportunity as well to meet people who are leaders in the industry. I mean this award is so valuable. I wish I was eligible for it, but I think that ship sailed quite a while ago. Thanks so much for joining us.

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