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PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards: Galina Fendikevich
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Galina and Doug Talk Volunteering for PRSA

PRSA-NY volunteer, Galina Fendikevich, spoke with Doug Simon, President-Elect of PRSA’s New York chapter, about how the PRSA can be used as a valuable resource in advancing your career.

“Whatever you put in is what you receive.” – Galina on reciprocity in the PRSA


DOUG SIMON: We’re going to take a slightly different approach here as you’ve been hearing quite a bit about the opportunities to judge to win, but how about participating as a volunteer. I’m joined by Galina Fendikevich. And as you’ve been volunteering you’re also a marketing and editorial associate at Temin & Company. Thanks so much for being with us.

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: Yes, thank you for having me Doug.

DOUG SIMON: And thanks for volunteering.

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: Yes. I came upon this opportunity after doing one of the panels and I was told that it was a great way to meet people and to learn more about the industry at the beginning of my career.

DOUG SIMON: So tell us about where you’re at in your career. How long have you been working and you know some of the things that you’re learning by engaging with different people.

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: Sure. So I’m about two years in and I started doing marketing at a law practice and now I work at a crisis management PR company.

DOUG SIMON: Great. The legal and crisis training goes hand in hand. There’s actually a number of crisis awards and we’ve got some esteemed judges who put their names and who specifically said I want to judge the crisis category. So let’s say there was a crisis in the Big Apple awards; we need more sponsors we need more nominees. As a volunteer, how are you helping to solve that issue? What are the answers right now to help us make it even more robust? I think a key part is the value we’re imparting to those who get involved, right?

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: Well in that situation it’s time to rally. You reach out to your contacts, you use as many of the resources that you possibly can and you put your 100 percent effort into that.

DOUG SIMON: Great. And one of the positive things that results of volunteers like yourself and other team members were actually ahead of the pace last year for nominations and so we really encourage people to get involved because it’s going to be an awesome opportunity. Any advice you have for other people who maybe are a couple of years into their career about how they might be able to benefit by being connected to PRSA New York.

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: Yes. So one of the first questions that I was asked was, “what do you want to do Galina? How do you want to progress in your career? Do you want to try anything different?” And it was so open because if I wanted to sharpen my social media skills I’d have the opportunity to do that. Marketing, writing copy, writing press releases so anything I wanted to work on I was able to get started on it. And people are so supportive they’re willing to help you. They understand that this is something you want to work on or sharpen or get better at. So that’s one of the greatest benefits of the organization is the level of support.

DOUG SIMON: Our volunteer committee actually does an awesome job of really identifying how people want to engage and then finding a spot for them to do that within the organization. Do you have any final thoughts?

GALINA FENDIKEVICH: The organization gives as much as you get. So whatever you put in is whatever you receive from as I say go on 110 percent.

DOUG SIMON: That’s awesome and that’s a great message far beyond PRSA New York that’s for life itself as well. So I hope you’re having a good time this evening. Thanks so much for participating in helping me keep the show moving on. It’s our pleasure. Thanks so much.

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