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PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards: Kellie Jelencovich
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Kellie Jelencovich Joins Doug Simon To Chat About Winning PRSA’S 15 Under 35 Award in 2017

Kellie Jelencovich, Account Supervisor at MSL joins Doug Simon, CEO of D S Simon Media and President-Elect of PRSA-NY to share her experience winning 2017’s 15 under 35 Award. Kellie shares how this experience improved her work with clients working in the PR Industry.


DOUG SIMON: We’ve got Kellie Jelencovich who is a 2016 winner and this year is heading up the 15 under 35 awards and one of the things that we’ve been doing differently that’s exciting is that there are now actually integrated into the Big Apple awards. It’s a much bigger platform for those who are considering participating in this.

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: That is true. We’re really excited about it. I know that last year I was the associate director of the awards, so I’ve had the pleasure of seeing all of the past winners that were just here interviewing with you and seeing them get more involved in the new organization. So that’s been really exciting, and we’re super we’re really looking forward to having it incorporated with the Big Apple Awards this year.

DOUG SIMON: Now given your experience and you’re an account supervisor at MSL so obviously you’re being extremely successful in your career as well. Now how do those two things work together, and do they benefit each other?

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: Absolutely. So MSL actually has an amazing stipend that allows you to get involved with PRSA so they have been super supportive of me being involved in the organization and just like being able to go to the board meetings and leaving work early and everything like that. So them coming in together I’m able to take calls during the work day and I know that everyone has a busy schedules so sometimes you need to hop on the phone to discuss plans for this event, for example, or future events so it’s been great having the flexibility with both PRSA and MSL.

DOUG SIMON: Was there a tremendous amount of excitement in the workplace when they heard that you had won?

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: Yeah. So, I got this really amazing flower bouquet at my desk when they found out and then there was this email sent around and everyone from across the different offices were congratulating me. So that was really nice to see that you know everyone is supportive. That was great!

DOUG SIMON: I’m sure you’ve got that on your LinkedIn page and obviously we were doing the free headshots for the people that showed up today. You are going all glam.

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: I got a new headshot! I am going glam today.

DOUG SIMON: So that’s the way to go on that. But you know is this something as you’re making new business pitches that there’s recognition that it becomes even part of business pitch that you’ve had this recognition in your field.

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: Absolutely. Yes and the new business pitches. and just like going back to my current clients letting them know that I’m active in the organization I love and giving back and I love the opportunity to meet other people in the industry so that has been great and just having that credit to my name and supporting all the hard work that I’ve done in the field and everything like that has been this is a really great validation to have behind.

DOUG SIMON: Any advice for folks who are looking to enter either in the 15 under 35 or in any of the general categories from your experience.

KELLIE JELENCOVICH: I definitely recommend- well so for me when I was nominated by my amazing mentor and I have to give a good shout out to her Lynn Applebaum, she is absolutely the best and super supportive. So she reached out to me and let me know that she was going to be nominating me. And I kind of gave her some information that would be helpful for the submission. So that was showcasing my good work that I’ve done over my five plus years in the industry and just making sure that you know all the good work that I’ve done for various campaigns were highlighted and featured in my nomination. So hand in hand she was able to submit it and then I got the phone call and was told that I was – that I won the award. So that was really amazing. And just looking back and seeing where I was then and where I am now and getting more involved in PRSA-NY has been just really rewarding. So I really appreciate everything that the organization does. Sharon Fenster our president and you and Sarah Katz. You guys have all been amazing and I think that the Big Apple awards this year is going to be even better than before. So looking forward to seeing that come to life.

DOUG SIMON: Thanks so much for your generous comments. Really appreciate that. And thanks for being part of this whole enterprise.

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