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2016 Big Apple Profiles Ketchum for Michelin
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Getting to know past Big Apple Award winners

Ketchum Inc.



Beyond the Driving Test
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Best of the Best
Public Service: Business
Public Affairs: Business
Corporate Social Responsibility: Campaigns with Budgets over $150,000

Tell us about Ketchum Inc. and the type of work you do.
Ketchum is a leading global communications firm with operations in more than 70 countries across six continents. Ketchum is rooted in five global practices (Healthcare, Corporate & Public Affairs, Brand Marketing, Food & Beverage and Technology) and has over 25 unique specialty and service offerings including digital, millennials, and the industry’s largest research and measurement department. We partner with clients to deliver strategic programming, game-changing creative and measurable results that build brands and reputations.

Why did you and your team feel it was important to enter the 2016 Big Apple Awards?
When we created the “Behind the Driving Test” campaign with our Michelin client, we knew we had something special. But seeing the impact of the program gave us the confidence to seek recognition for this breakthrough work and the team behind it. We wanted to credit our long-standing, close partnership with our client as a key driver in developing and executing this successful campaign.

How did your team celebrate after learning you had won?
Well, immediately afterwards there was an excited frenzy of congratulatory toasts, texts and tweets! But a few weeks later, our client graciously invited the entire account team to a celebratory dinner and jazz concert. Both agency and client share a “work hard, play hard” attitude, and this hard work – and win – definitely called for a team celebration.

In your view, how does the Big Apple differs from other industry award programs?
New York is such an important market for our industry and agency headquartered here, and it’s home to many of our top clients and account teams. Much like the diversity of the city itself, the Big Apple Awards provides exceptional recognition to the expansive and dynamic work, industry-leading professionals and next generation of talent from across the communications landscape.

Are there any anecdotes, interesting challenges overcome, or unique experiences that came from the Big Apple process?
Yes! After winning the “Best-in-Show” award, this photo of our elated client service director and program manager (Paul Wood and Jonathan Younger) showered in a burst of confetti made all of the rounds on the agency’s internal channels. In the photo, we have just been presented the top award by Bill Doescher, Immediate Past President, PRSA-NY, and Sami Lahoud, VP, Global Thought Leadership at MasterCard (a Ketchum client). That photo from the 2016 Big Apple Awards gala is now being used to promote the agency’s own 2017 internal awards program and call-for-entries!

Would you be willing to share an example of a goal you or the team reached that was a catalyst to submitting (and winning) your award entry in 2016?  
We had three goals related to the campaign, tied to the program’s social impact (meaning, was the program actually effective in creating change), communications impact and business impact. Each of these goals were important in measuring efficacy and demonstrating real, tangible results – not solely press clippings. We spend a significant amount of time developing and measuring goals, as we know that is crucial in validating our efforts.

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