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2016 Big Apple Profiles Coyne PR
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Getting to know past Big Apple Award winners

Coyne PR

Just Born Quality Confections/PEEPS®

How PEEPS® Hopped Beyond Easter and into Other Holiday Celebrations
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Best Use of Research, Measurement and Evaluation
Marketing Consumer Products: Campaigns with Budgets of $150,000 or Less

Tell us about Coyne PR and the type of work you do.
With expertise in public relations, social and digital, Coyne PR is one of the Top 15 Independent PR Firms in the United States. We deliver programs built on a foundation of stand-out creative, integrated thinking and activation capabilities to effectively convey messages across paid, earned, shared and owned channels for its clients. These programs have been recognized with more than 900 industry awards since the agency’s inception in 1991.

With offices in New York and New Jersey, Coyne consistently delivers breakthrough creative, unmatched business results and exceptional client service. Spanning nearly 20 industry verticals, our client roster includes many of the most respected companies in the world and those who want to be, including The Walt Disney Company, Hard Rock International, Shell Oil, Chrysler, Timberland, Pfizer, VTech, Allergan and Columbia Business School, among others.

Why did you and your team feel it was important to enter the 2016 Big Apple Awards?
We are pretty selective when it comes to entering awards.  PRSA (on both the national and local level) and the Big Apple Awards have such a positive influence on our industry that it makes sense to showcase our best work by entering.

How did your team celebrate after learning you had won?
We texted the client with photos of us receiving the award before we got back to our table!

What has winning an award meant to your team / agency (e.g., how do you use the award for strengthening team morale, celebrating the agency’s good work, promoting the agency to current and new clients, etc.)?
The award offers several advantages: 1) it offers a great sense of accomplishment for the team and, by extension, the client; 2) it reinforces our agency’s commitment to doing great work and 3) it provides a third-party validation from our peers in the industry that I believe has a positive effect on current and potential clients.

In your view, how does the Big Apple differs from other industry award programs?
The saying “you are known by the company you keep” applies here.  Year after year, there are tremendously talented people being recognized for outstanding work that best defines our industry. It’s an honor to be a part of such great work. It also reflects the care and rigor PRSA-NY puts into the submission requirements and judging process.

Are there any anecdotes, interesting challenges overcome, or unique experiences that came from the Big Apple process (including your Gala experience)?
The Gala is always top-notch – well organized, great entertainment and terrific hosts.

Would you be willing to share an example of a goal you or the team reached that was a catalyst to submitting (and winning) your award in 2016?  Have you re-calibrated related goals for the 2017 Big Apple Awards?
We believed we had put together a great program for the PEEPS® brand from Just Born Quality Confections. The research provided us great insight in developing our plan.  That, combined with great execution, made for a very successful program that we felt was worthy of submitting.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your Big Apple Awards experience?
We appreciate that PRSA-NY honors the best in our industry.  I think we can all learn from the great work that is showcased in these awards.

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