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2016 Big Apple Profiles Pollock
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Getting to know past Big Apple Award winners

Pollock Communications

Cranberry Marketing Committee USA

Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest Social Media Campaign
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New Media/Social Media Campaign: Government, Associations & Non-Profit Organizations

 Tell us about Pollock Communications and the type of work you do.
Pollock Communications is a New York City-based, independent, full-service food, health, and wellness public relations agency launched in 1991. Pollock’s public relations and credentialed nutrition experts create innovative partnerships that link brands to health and wellness platforms. Pollock has a long history of reaching key influencers and successfully communicating the taste, health and lifestyle benefits of brands and commodity foods to consumers, retailers and healthcare professionals.

Why did you and your team feel it was important to enter the 2016 Big Apple Awards?

We realized that our social media campaign on behalf of the Cranberry Marketing Committee had achieved outstanding results, and we wanted to validate all of our hard work and success with industry recognition. Since the Big Apple awards honor the best of the best, we decided we should enter our campaign for consideration. Being acknowledged by our industry and peers is important because it boosts morale.

How did your team celebrate after learning you had won?

Our team was elated when we learned that we had won the Big Apple award. We immediately notified all agency staff and our clients at the Cranberry Marketing Committee, and then we celebrated with a bubbly cranberry toast to continued success…and some decadent chocolate dessert at the Gala!

What has winning an award meant to your agency?

It is one thing to know that you are achieving stellar results, but it is a truly rewarding feeling to be recognized for outstanding work by your peers. Being honored with a Big Apple award holds a prestige that helps empower a team, and the entire agency, to continue to strive for the best. Pollock proudly displays the award in our office as a reminder of our success and as a motivator to win more! In addition, because the award holds credibility and is a testament to the agency’s high standards for achievement, we highlight it on our website, on social media and in our current and new client presentations.  

In your view, how does the Big Apple differs from other industry award programs?

The Big Apple program differs from other award programs because it focuses on a specific regional area – one that is possibly the most competitive in the nation when it comes to public relations activities. Being judged against your peers in the same industry and the same backyard makes the program all the more exciting and rewarding.

Are there any anecdotes, interesting challenges overcome, or unique experiences that came from the Big Apple process?

As you can imagine, we are all very busy, so it can be a challenge to carve out time to draft the award entry and compile the supporting materials. However, we find that it is a useful exercise that allows us to dissect the program and take a closer look at how the research, planning and execution worked together to deliver results. The process is also a valuable exercise that reinforces the importance of each step in developing a PR program.

Would you be willing to share an example of a goal you or the team reached that was a catalyst to submitting (and winning) your award entry in 2016?  Have you re-calibrated related goals for the 2017 Big Apple Awards?

The Cranberry Marketing Committee wanted to create news to reach new audiences and expand cranberry consumption. To assist, Pollock Communications developed a strategic social media campaign to create a paradigm shift around the fall season and engage a younger audience – millennials – through a cranberry photo sharing contest timed to the Friendsgiving holiday. When we began execution and saw the contest entries pour in, as well as followers to the CMC social media pages increase 20% - 138% – we knew we were achieving our goal of creating a new generation of cranberry lovers, and that we had an award-winning campaign on our hands.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your Big Apple Awards experience?

The whole experience of the Big Apple program helps challenge us as a team and an agency to strive harder for success. When creating and executing plans, we are always thinking – will this be Big Apple-worthy? We have entered another campaign in the 2017 Big Apple program, and we hope the answer will be yes!

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