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The Public Relations Society of America, New York chapter is one of the founding chapters of the Public Relations Society of America, the world’s largest professional organization for public relations practitioners. Founded in 1948, PRSA-NY is the third largest PRSA local chapter in the U.S. The chapter serves the interests of public relations professionals working in business and industry, counseling firms, government, associations, hospitals, schools, professional services firms and nonprofit organions. Read more


WEBSITE & EMAIL WORK THIS WEEKEND - We're wrapping up the final transition work for our new website, launched earlier this summer, and will be performing some backend site work beginning Friday, August 26 through Sunday, August 28. You may experience temporary delays in page load time, profile access, event registration and/or delays in sending or receiving emails to/from Please check back again on Monday if you are still experiencing any delays, or call 212-228-7228. Read more about the new site launch & profile access information here. 

Congratulations to the inaugural "15 Under 35" Award recipients who were honored at a celebratory luncheon on July 21st.  Visit the "15 Under 35" Awards page for more information about the 2016 award recipients and a photo gallery of the event. 

New Date - Habitat for Humanity event now set for Saturday, October 1st - Due to the inclement weather earlier this month, the 8/13 volunteer opportunity event has been rescheduled for 10/1. Visit the event page for more details.

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